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A helpful guide to exterior house painting

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Give the outside of your home a fresh look in time for brighter weather and long-awaited lifting of all lockdown restrictions. 

The sun is shining and we’ve got one thing on our minds, exterior painting, and we’re here to help guide you through how to achieve this. We’re here to share our knowledge so you’re able to get clued up, whether you’re looking to do it yourself or you’re looking to get professionals like us to do it for you.

Can you paint outside in cold weather?

Weather in the UK as we all know can be highly unpredictable. We advise bright and dry conditions and with no chance of rain to get started on this kind of work. This is why spring/summer is the perfect time to start the process due to the weather being a bit more balanced. 


Preparation is probably the most important factor when it comes to painting the outside of your home as if it’s not done correctly, you may have to start from scratch. We recommend clearing the area to start and removing any furniture out of the way or covering up with sheets if you’re unable to move them. 

It’s then time to start cleaning the walls. Power wash then apply an anti-fungicidal wash to kill any fungi or moss on the surface. You then need to allow time for the wall to dry properly.

Once dried, your wall can then be treated. If the surface is flaky or powdery use a stabiliser primer (for exterior masonry) first. However, if your walls are solid, stone rendered or stone work, then a stabilising solution is not recommended and we do instead advise two coats of exterior paint. 

The final step in the preparation process is protection. We would advise using tape to use to mask around all windows and piping. You can also use plastic sheeting or old newspapers for this. 

Tools for painting

Depending on the texture of the render (roughcast) we would advise using a heavy duty pile roller sleeve, a good screw in pole and a roller bracket as the last thing you want to happen is the roller slipping off the pole. For your external windows we would recommend using the Hamilton barrel brushes. Lastly, for the rest of the woodwork (fascias, soffits) we would recommend using purdy brushes. 

A professional’s touch

It’s no secret that painting the exterior of your home is a daunting task for many and one that should be taken on with careful consideration. To achieve the best results, we would always recommend using professionals. They have the know-how when it comes to preparation, tools and paint which means you can save a lot of time, carry on with everyday life and know the exterior of your home is going to get a professional and flawless finish with longevity. 

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