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Edinburgh Exterior Painting & Decorating Services

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Exterior Painting And Decorating in Edinburgh

From the gorgeous townhouses and apartments in West End to the Georgian architecture of Stockbridge, Edinburgh truly is a beautiful city. Its enduring beauty is a result of careful, consistent maintenance on behalf of its inhabitants, local government and the skilled craftspeople who use their depth of knowledge to continue the city’s various vernacular aesthetics.

From preparation to completion, with our exterior painting and decorating services we give our clients the power to become a part of the city’s vibrant built environment. All whilst educating them on the unique histories and techniques exemplified by their location.

 | Edinburgh Exterior Painting & Decorating Services
 | Edinburgh Exterior Painting & Decorating Services

What Does External Redecoration Include?

When it comes to exterior painting and decoration, we take our time to get it just right. Painting and decorating in Edinburgh is not just about what will suit your home, but also how it will situate itself within its surroundings. For this reason, we have a lengthy consultation process with plenty of dialogue, preparation, and planning.

Exterior painting and decoration not only reawaken Edinburgh’s old buildings, it also protects them from the elements. This ensures that you’re doing your part as a homeowner in this historic city to preserve these beautiful properties for the next generation.

Whether you’re busy raising a young family in Colinton or living a more leisurely lifestyle in Morningside, we can match your pace and level of engagement.

Our basic exterior redecoration includes the following services:

• Washing or jet washing surfaces to remove dirt and mildew

• Scraping loose, peeling or delamination paint

• Scuff sanding glossy and old oil surfaces

• Caulking or filling sand damaged and chipped areas

• Cleaning prepping and repainting render and masonry

• Cleaning prepping and repainting wood, bargeboards, box ends, fascia, and soffits

• Prepping and repainting windows including windowsills, sashes, frames, mullions and doors, doorframes, and siding

• Prepping and repainting brick, concrete blocks, wooden siding, and aluminium siding

• Prepping porches front doors and shutters

• Priming or applying an undercoat to all areas as needed to ensure topcoats provide the longest lasting, best-looking finish.

Edinburgh Exterior Painting and Decorating Costs

With such a rich history, every property in Edinburgh is unique, and every client has their personal style and vision. To cater to this wide array of scenarios, we prefer one-on-one consultation to a more rigid price-bracket system. To learn more or to book a consultation and quotation, fill out our contact form, send an email to or call us on:

0131 202 0857 (Edinburgh)

 | Edinburgh Exterior Painting & Decorating Services

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To get started, simply give us a good starting date, and sit back and wait for us to begin the journey of transforming your home’s exterior!

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Derek and Dave were a pleasure to deal with, they completed my painting project meticulously but also very efficiently. I am very happy with the results.
 | Edinburgh Exterior Painting & Decorating Services

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