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Explore the latest kitchen décor ideas

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The role that kitchens have played in the home has changed in recent years. Given that we have all spent far more time indoors from 2020 onwards, it is hardly surprising that the kitchen increasingly serves less as a utilitarian space dedicated to food preparation and the washing of dishes and more as a social hub (and sometimes even as a makeshift office)!

We’ve compiled a number of trending kitchen décor ideas that have caught our eye. Let’s take a closer look at the textures, colours and finishes that will characterise 2022 and beyond.

How to decorate your kitchen

Modern kitchen décor themes

The kitchen designs that are currently in vogue represent a shift away from cold minimalism to a warmer vibe. With many of us wishing to shield ourselves from the social and economic uncertainty of the outside world, the appeal of a domestic environment that feels comforting and inviting is stronger than ever before.  

Introduce nature-inspired designs to your kitchen

As a consequence, brighter wallpaper designs that introduce a splash of colour have enjoyed a renaissance in the kitchen area. Choosing a kitchen wallpaper design scheme marked by fresh floral patterns is a great way to inject a sense of life and activity into your dining area. It can also help make the room feel bright, light and spacious.

If you really feel like making a statement, take the plunge and opt for a large-scale floral pattern on your kitchen walls. Feature walls are back in vogue, and they are no longer confined to the living room!

Whilst we’re on the subject of nature, certain natural textures, such as wood, can bring greater depth to your kitchen. Such designs would work well in both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

Opt for green tones

2022 is also likely to see a surge the popularity of green kitchens, and mint green, with its uplifting, zesty undertones, is set to be favoured by many design-conscious households. Green hues, with their associations with nature, are a wonderful way to reconnect us with the great outdoors when we find ourselves confined to our homes. They also pair well with brass accents and marble surfaces.

We would also recommend combining green with pink – if you’re feeling bold and adventurous, consider setting a pink cabinet against the backdrop of a dark green wall. Whilst pink is on the opposite end of the colour wheel, its association with vibrant floral tones is perfect for those looking to incorporate nature-inspired elements.

The all-white kitchen is on the way out

Whilst there is a certain appeal to the gleaming, pristine all-white kitchen, 2022 is the year in which there will be a decisive shift away from this classic design choice – in large part because they feel cold, clinical and impersonal. The sheer amount of work that is involved in maintaining an all-white kitchen is another factor in their demise.

In their place, we are likely to see light neutral tones fill the void. Expect to see an increase in the popularity of light blue, grey and greige tones in trendy kitchens.

Decorating a small kitchen

This talk of light neutral tones takes us nicely to the subject of decorating smaller kitchens.

Light blue tones, particularly baby blue, can help create a soothing atmosphere in busy rooms in which space is lacking, and pale pink tones also work a treat, as they do a great job of brightening up spaces in which natural light is lacking.

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