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Feature wallpaper ideas: Inspiration for dressing your walls

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Introducing feature wallpaper can utterly transform the dynamic of one of the rooms in your house – and even change the whole feel of your home.

Choosing inspiring feature wallpaper is a great way to leave your individual stamp on the walls of your house, instilling it with your own personality and design preferences.

Approaching this task in the right way from the outset can help you save hours of time and oodles of effort. We’ve compiled some of our top feature wallpaper ideas and tips and tricks.

What is feature wallpaper?

Feature wallpaper is wallpaper that is used to create a feature wall, or accent wall. A feature wall acts as a room’s focal point: they can be used to add depth and a sense of spaciousness to smaller rooms, and they offer an exciting opportunity to experiment with different colours, patterns and textures.

Feature walls were very popular in the 1990s, and they tended to be reserved to living rooms. They have made a comeback in recent years, and they are now started to appear in the rest of the home, particularly kitchens and bedrooms.

Is my room suitable for a feature wall?

Whilst feature walls can work well in smaller spaces, it is often a good idea to use one of your larger rooms, and preferably one that is frequently used and has plenty of natural light, for your feature wall.

This will give you greater scope to pursue grand, high-impact designs – and it will help ensure that your feature wall has maximum possible impact on the overall feel of your home.

Living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms tend to be good locations for feature walls.

Which wall should be my feature wall?

Whatever you do, do not randomly select a wall to be your feature wall.

Choose the wall that your eyes are naturally drawn to when entering the room. It’s a good idea to avoid walls with features that might detract from the impact that you are trying to create with your wallpaper.

We advise choosing a wall that is solid, i.e. has no doors or windows. The furniture in the room should be positioned in such a way as to emphasise your feature wall. Placing the sofa against a feature wall in your living room, for example, should have the desired effect.

Inspiration for dressing your walls

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can create a feature wall that makes a real difference to your home.

1. Be bold

There’s nothing quite like expressive, vivid wallpaper designs to transform the dynamic of a room.

We’re a huge fan of colourful floral patterns that give a sense of movement and lend the room a real energy. For maximum effect, combine with bold, bright accessories to make a statement.

Painter and decorator hanging bright feature wallpaper

Lighter wallpaper colours have the effect of making a room feel brighter and create a sense of increased space. They’re perfect for making the most of smaller spaces with little in the way of natural light.

2. Darker hues can also work a treat

Then again, there’s something to be said for darker feature wallpaper designs that can add a stylish touch, a perception of depth and a bit of gravitas. Accent walls often work best when they are darker than the other walls.

Using darker floral designs over a brass mantlepiece can create a cosier, more intimate aesthetic, which is ideal on cold winter nights.

A dark forest green is a classic colour choice, and it pairs well with pink, white and orange colours.

Abstract floral print wallpaper

Darker colours tend to work well in expansive spaces; they’re best avoided in smaller spaces, as they can make living spaces feel cramped and claustrophobic.

3. Go for colours that complement each other

Whilst we’re on the subject of colours that pair well, it pays to choose the colour combos that work.

One of our favourites is pink and green – a colour combination adopted by Italian magazine editor Anna Dello Russo and even Queen Elizbeth II!

Opt for a dusty pink and deep green combo to achieve a very contemporary, à la mode look.

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