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The best home office colour scheme ideas

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A good working environment can have a dramatic impact on our mood and productivity – and with so many of us having to work from home or choosing to do so, there has never been a better time to select the colours and décor schemes that will help us get us into the right headspace.

Let’s take a look at the home office décor inspiration that can transform your working environment for the better.

Home office colour ideas

Calming colours for a tranquil office environment

Most people do best in relaxing, tranquil working environments. If this sounds like you, we have just the colours that you need for your work from home set-up.

A soothing blue has the power to calm a busy, overworked mind and help increase productive output (or so says the University of British Columbia). We recommend going for a soft, neutral shade of blue; whilst we love electric blue hues, a softer shade avoids causing overstimulation.

Whilst we’re on the subject of blue, soft violets are also well-suited to office environments – and it’s due in large part to the fact that they have a blue base. Opting for lilac can bring some much-needed inner peace and balance to your work environment.

Green is also a fantastic choice. A relaxing, refreshing hue, green connects you to the natural world – something that often feels in short supply in an era characterised by rolling lockdowns!

You may even decide to combine the best of both and choose a serene blue-green interior. The choice is yours.

Creativity – pink?

If you feel that serenity, calmness and mindfulness are overrated, however, you can always choose brighter shades instead.

Adding a touch of pink to your home office is one way to add a little glam, and it can even help encourage creative ways of thinking. A playful flamingo pink wall might just be what the doctor ordered if you work in a creative industry.

Thinking about going grey? No way, Jose!

Given the strong aversion that many of us have to the thought of working away in a bland office cubicle, it’s hardly surprising that many of us actively choose to work from home as opposed to the office.

Just about the worst colour that you can use for your home office is grey, according to researchers at the University of Texas. And it’s not hard to see why: anyone who has spent a decent length of time in a bland grey, beige office will attest to the feelings of sadness and depression that they can induce.

With that said, white can work very well in an office environment. There’s nothing quite like a pristine white office to give you the mental clarity that you need to power through the working day. If you do decide to go for white, consider combining with black furniture and fittings. Black combines brilliantly with white and makes for a great home office colour scheme.

Home office décor ideas

Accent walls go down a treat in the office

Accent walls are back in fashion, and they can help imbue an otherwise dreary working space with your own personality and design preferences.

A bold accent wall can add a little something to your working environment – and perhaps even give your co-workers something to talk about during your weekly Zoom calls. If you find yourself longing for a sense of order and reason during your working hours, we’d recommend choosing a feature wall characterised by geometric patterns and shapes. If you’d rather inject a lively sense of fun and spontaneity, perhaps consider opting for designs that are zanier and more flamboyant.

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A little greenery goes a long way

It has been shown that plants can help induce a sense of calm and contentment. If the thought of giving the walls a redesign feels like a bit much, installing a few hanging plants might just be what you need to add the finishing touch to your home office décor.

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