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Choose the best wallpaper designs for your bedroom

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There’s no question that our choice of wallpaper has a profound impact on the interiors of our homes. Wallpaper can make rooms appear larger in size, brighter and more welcoming, and they present the opportunity for you to express your personality and design preferences. However, selecting the right wallpaper can often prove difficult.

Given the sheer amount of time that many of us spend in our sleeping quarters these days, it’s especially important that we pick the best wallpaper designs for our bedrooms. Let’s take a look at how you can transform the most intimate area of your home for the better.

How to choose wallpaper for your bedroom

Before we delve into the best wallpaper designs that you can bring to the bedroom, let’s take a look at what you should consider when selecting wallpaper for this all-important space.

Start by considering the mood that you wish to create in your bedroom. Would you like to bring a passionate, sensual vibe to your boudoir, or would you prefer to opt for a design that promotes calmness and mindfulness?

It’s often wise to consider the designs in the rest of your house and ask yourself whether the patterns that you wish to bring to your bedroom would align with the mood expressed elsewhere in your home. Contemporary geometric patterns might look rather out of place in a Victorian home, for example!

It’s also worth asking what you’d like to achieve in this space. Is it your aim to make the bedroom feel bigger and more expansive, or would you rather create the impression of a smaller, more intimate space?

Here are some of our favourite wallpaper for bedroom walls

1. Be bold, be passionate

It’s not hard to see why some like to bring a touch of red to the bedroom. Red-accented bedrooms are passionate, bold and vibrant, helping bring a certain ooh la la into the picture:

2. Feature walls

We’re a fan of bold, bright designs here at Paint my Home, and so it should come as no surprise that feature walls make an appearance here.

If you’re wondering how to choose wallpaper for a small bedroom, it may be that a feature wall is just what you need: including a feature wall can maximise the potential of smaller bedrooms by introducing a little character and creating an illusion of greater space and depth.

Why not get inspired by our feature wallpaper ideas?

Wallpaper your way to wellness with calming wallpaper for bedrooms

Never underestimate the ability of relaxing home décor to optimise your feelings of well-being. Calming patterns and colours can imbue your interiors with a relaxing vibe, which is precisely what you need in the bedroom. Here are a few examples of wallpaper wellness in action.

1. Nature/foliage

Using nature-inspired wallpapers is a great way to bring nature – and all of the relaxing, restful feelings that it entails – into your bedroom. If representations of daffodils and hyacinths fluttering in the breeze aren’t your thing, green wallpaper is a simple, effective alternative.

2. Opt for muted textures and colours

You’ll be pleased to hear that it isn’t just green that can help promote feelings of deep calm and contentment. Soft grey shades and light pink hues can help induce feelings of serenity and stability, and pastel shades have a wonderfully calming effect.

3. Assuage your worries with blue calming wallpaper

Few things are better at encouraging deep relaxation and tranquillity than naturally calming colour tones. A soft, neutral shade of blue is fantastic in this regard; the colour has even been shown to improve mood and make us feel more comfortable. Given the associations with the sea and open skies, this is hardly surprising.

Introducing a soothing blue hue to your bedroom is a great way to reduce anxiety and help you manage your stress levels. Bring peace and beauty to your room with calming blue wallpaper.

4. Geometric wallpaper designs can work wonders

Patterns that repeat at regular intervals can help cultivate feelings of calm and mindfulness – especially if they’re of a subtle, muted variety.

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