Paint my Home by Bell has been a supporter of Airlite since their new technology arrived in the UK. This is not just paint. Their unique technology brings many benefits to your living wellness including being antipollution, antibacterial, anti-mould, self cleaning, anti-odour & energy saving. We are excited to be working in partnership with Airlite as their decorating service of choice.

What is Airlite?

Airlite is a revolutionary 100% natural technology, which can be applied on internal and external walls just like a normal paint.

Airlite is unique because it is the first paint designed and developed exclusively to improve the air quality inside and outside peoples homes and living spaces.

Airlite creates a powerful barrier that prevents dirt in the air from settling and at the same time, eliminates bacteria and prevents the formation of moulds and nasty odours. Healthy air improves the environment around us and as a result, our personal wellbeing.


Airlite is the only paint on the market which is proven to be effective at eliminating bacteria, reducing pollutants (such as NOx, SOx, NH3, CO) and lowering painted surface temperatures.

A paint that works like nature, Airlite turns the walls of your home into a completely natural air purifier.

Applying Airlite on an area of 100 square meters reduces air pollution in the same way as planting 100 square metres of forest.

Airlite paint is guaranteed for 10 years.

Airlite aims to create a world with clean and unpolluted air, just as nature intended it.

‘’Here at Airlite, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of revolutionising paint technology. We work with Industry leaders to influence the change this planet desperately needs and we are proud to be working alongside Bell Group who are such an experienced & recognised voice within this sector. As drivers of new innovation & change, Paint my Home by Bell will be the enabler needed to bring Airlite’s painting service in to millions of homes across the UK. We believe everyone should live in a home of clean & uncontaminated air.’’

Chris LeightonVP Sales & Marketing

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