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Dulux is the UK’s leading paint brand, with a wealth of products and services designed to help you find the colours that you’ll love in your home. Whether it’s the ‘Dulux dog’ or the ‘We know the colours that go’ campaign, we all recognise Dulux as a household name. As one of Dulux largest customers, our team of experienced decorators at Paint my Home by Bell are happy to give you their expert advice on the right product you need to achieve great results.

Dulux offers all types of paint suitable for the interior & exterior of your home. From washable ‘easycare’ for your bathroom & kitchen to Weathersheild masonry paint for your alfresco dining area.

As a brand, Dulux are committed to helping their customers unlock the true potential in their homes and get people feeling inspired about the power of colour. There are more than 1,200 Dulux colours that you can choose from, and we can help you select the right colour and finish for your next decorating project. Start the process of transforming your interiors and, to borrow a phrase from Dulux, let’s colour! Get inspired by their colour of the year.

As the experts in colour, Dulux is a great match for Paint my home by Bell – the experts in painting & decorating.