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Stylish wallpaper trends for 2021

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Colourful, quirky and timeless, the wallpaper trends of 2021 are a welcome goodbye to plain colour palettes and hello to boldness, texture and patterns.

Whatever your taste, there’s a wallpaper for everyone. Take a closer look at the latest trends and find your inspiration for your next home interior project.

Have fun with wallpaper

One of our favourite wallpaper trends of 2021 is finding new or different ways to use it. While some homeowners are happy to stick to the approach of wallpapering full walls (and all the walls in one or more rooms), others are taking a less-is-more technique.

You could use wallpaper to make a statement with a feature wall, or you could use a smaller piece of wallpaper and a frame to create a “wallpaper moment” as a decorative feature on a wall.


Texture is another of the latest wallpaper trends we love, adding interest and depth to any room, especially if the paper features geometric patterns.

One of our favourite textured wallpapers is a bamboo paper. Bamboo has become one of the best sustainable décor trends and it’s incredibly versatile too. Hanging bamboo wallpaper brings a natural, eco-friendly element into your home in the most stylish way.

Other materials that offer wonderful texture include grass cloth, silk, and vinyl.

Roll of textured bamboo wallpaper

Large abstract prints

Maximalism is influencing all sorts of design trends this year, and wallpaper is among them. Some trending wallpapers for the home feature large-scale abstract prints, which can be daunting if you’re not used to ‘going big.’

Try contrasting the organic lines of the abstract prints with silhouettes that are simple and clean.

Abstract wallpaper


Trompe-l’oeil is another of our favourite wallpaper trends for 2021. Translated as ‘trick of the eye,’ trompe-l’oeil is something like an optical illusion. You can find wallpapers that can make your walls look as though they’ve been tiled or covered with folds of rich fabric or tapestry.

They’re a fabulous way to add more visual interest to your rooms.

Vintage floral prints

Thanks to cottagecore and other idealised or romanticised views of bygone days, vintage floral prints are back. As far as wallpaper hallway trends go, vintage florals can do wonders to help set the mood that carries through to the rest of the home.

Vintage floral prints can also work well in a maximalist context, especially if you choose large prints and combine them with other prints.

Abstract floral print wallpaper

Panoramic/scenic prints

Most of our planet’s population experienced extended cabin fever last year, which might be one of the reasons why panoramic or scenic prints are one of the top wallpaper trends this year. The themes are many and varied, so you can focus on flowers and/or foliage, misty mountain tops, seascapes, and even murals inspired by fine art.

Panoramic, scenic, and mural papers can make a strong statement, so if you feel inspired by this option, choose a style you are certain you love.


Panels are a gorgeous way of bringing a wallpaper trend into your bedroom (or any other room) without overwhelming the space. This option is also a sensible one if you’re working on a budget.

Choose a paper with bold colours, patterns and texture, and use a nature-inspired colour scheme for the rest of the room.

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