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How to choose wallpaper for your living room

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Your living room is exactly that – a room where you, your family and friends, and your guests enjoy spending time together. The space should be welcoming and inviting, so you need to know how to choose wallpaper for your living room that reflects this.

The array of beautiful wallpapers available allows for endless possibilities. Read on for tips and advice that can help you transform your living room into a space where everyone feels at home.

1. Think about durability

Durability should be your starting point. If most of the people who spend their time in the room are adults, consider choosing a speciality wallpaper.

If you have active children, a wallpaper that is durable, washable, and less expensive to replace may be a better option. Products that are made from nylon and that aren’t woven are great choices if you’re looking for durability when considering how to choose wallpaper for your living room.

2. Consider formality

Think about the level of formality when considering wallpaper designs for your living room. Is the space primarily for you and your partner, you and your guests, or for you and your family?

Do you want to focus on luxurious formality, a vibrant theme or on neutrality that provides a perfect backdrop for the other décor elements in the room? Your answers to these questions can further guide your decision.

3. Start with subtlety

Take a look at subtle colours and patterns if you’re a newcomer to wallpaper. Subtlety is key if you have traditionally used muted or neutral tones in your living room. Going big and bold can be overwhelming if you’re not used to bright colours and designs in your space. Add interest with subtle geometric patterns, printed grass cloth, and tonal variations.

4. Choose a small-scale pattern or textures

If you’re wondering how to choose a wallpaper for your living room that adds visual interest, but you want to avoid bolder designs, a small-scale pattern is a fantastic option to subtly introduce patterns to the space.

Alternatively, look at textured wallpapers. This is a great option if you’re wondering how to choose wallpaper for small living rooms and don’t want to make the space look cramped.

5. Think of your walls as a canvas

If you love bright, bold colours and designs, think of your walls as a canvas and let your imagination run wild. Larger designs are great in spaces with a modern feel. Alternatively, look for a mural or watercolour print design. Whatever your choice, make sure you make a statement with your living room wallpaper.

6. Harmonise with other materials and textures

Consider the other materials and textures in the space when thinking about how to choose wallpaper for your living room. Whether you’re keeping your existing furniture and décor or you’re giving the room a complete makeover, your choice of wallpaper should harmonise with the rest of the space.

If you want to transform your living room, contact the team at Paint My Home. Our team offer professional wallpaper services and can help make your living room wallpaper ideas a reality.

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