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An Interview with Flora Hogg, Colour Consultant from Craig & Rose

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Hear from expert Colour Consultant, Flora, from Craig & Rose Glasgow and see what she has to say about all things colour.

How do you start putting a colour scheme together for a customer?

Customers usually have a sample of something as a starting point. A piece of fabric, floor tile or carpet, that’s always a great place to start. If they don’t have that then I look at the structure of the property and understand the customers personality & tastes.

What else do you look for in a customers home to help them pick out a range of colours?

Key features and how to make the most of them. For example fireplace, alcove or period features. I also look at any obstructions in the room as well as how light affects their room.

Do you get asked a lot about advice on how light affects colour?

Yes! Mostly for north facing rooms, however I think this is the easiest to choose for as it has the most consistent light throughout the day. For rooms that get flooded with a lot of warm sunlight, try and offset the warm tones of the light with a cool colour, blue would work well for this.

How do you create interest in a room?

I usually ask customers how they want to feel in that room. For example, if they wanted to create a cosy vibe I would look at a darker colour for the whole room to bring the walls in a bit and create atmosphere with low lighting. If customers have a very sleek flat look with discreet in built wardrobes and sunken television I would suggest using something like our concrete effect to create some texture to compliment the clean lines.

Your artisan special effects are really interesting, what is the most popular?

We have lots of interest in our copper patina effect and our rust effect at the moment. They are perfect for those wanting more texture from their paint whilst keeping their scheme quite simple. I always try to find a balance with a scheme like a glossy floor with chalky matt walls to add texture and interest.

What is your favourite colour form your 1829 collection?

If you are a little cautious about colour then you can’t go wrong with Olive Laque, it’s a great place to start that would look great anywhere in your home. If you would like to revive a piece of furniture than Cadmium would look gorgeous in a high gloss finish.

What’s the most popular colour form your 1829 collection?

Payne’s Grey! It looks amazing painted on a ceiling with the reflections of a chandelier. It’s a perfect choice for cabinetry and we have so many customers who choose it for their front door.

What is the ‘perfect’ grey?

Harris Isle

How do you create that ever popular ‘Hotel Look’?

I would choose a paper like ‘Luxor’ from Coe & Son and pair that with Dutch White for your ceilings and wood work.

What is your favourite look?

Creating the illusion of more height in a room by colour drenching the wall. Paint the cornice, walls, radiator and skirting boards all the same colour. It’s so sophisticated and simple.

Last piece of advice?

Paint is not permanent, so be a little bold with your choices!

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