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Interior Colour Consultancy Service

Take the stress out of creating a beautifully decorated home with our colour consultation service.

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London Colour Consultancy Service

The architectural heritage of London involves many different styles from a long line of historical periods. There’s Georgian Chelsea, Kensington with its buildings from the 1700s, and Fulham’s Victoriana. What ties them together? The fact that the right colours will bring out the best of each home in every district!

Paint My Home has a bespoke Colour Consultancy service with the goal of curating spaces for remarkable living. Our colour consultants will transform your London home from a historical artefact to a contemporary marvel.

 | Interior Colour Consultancy Service
 | Interior Colour Consultancy Service

Our Professionals Provide the Whole Package

Our colour consultants will develop a harmonious, balanced palette and unlock your personal style in your leafy, riverside Richmond home. They’ll help you find the right finish and perfect paint for every space in your happening Islington abode: you will be able to enjoy beautiful, durable paint chosen with the most exquisite taste. They’ll maximise the potential of your condo or townhouse property in Westminster and get the right hue every time, even when working with a seemingly problematic space.

A Straightforward Process for a Beautiful London Home

The first step is pre-appointment, where our colour consultants simply engage with you. The Paint My Home team will ask you all the right questions and answer any you may have in order to get as prepared as possible.

Then you’ll need to book your exclusive consultation with our colour experts by using the form below, emailing, or calling 01753 968 038. This will cost *£249 (inc. VAT) for a two-hour in-home service. For additional hours, the rate is *£75 per hour.

On the day of your appointment, we’ll spend time with you at your London home so that we understand completely where you’re coming from and what direction you’re heading in. We’ll assess the architecture, current décor, light, and space of your home as a whole as well as each room individually.

After that, we’ll suggest certain finishes and colours with the intention of maximising the potential of your space. We’ll take you through some colour schemes we know you’ll love and wrap it all up into a detailed specification, which is all you need to get started with painting (a service we additionally provide).

The Link Between Colour and Architecture

Preserving the historical integrity of your London home doesn’t have to limit your choice of colours for the interior. In fact, you may find that your period home is embellished, highlighted, illuminated, and defined into separate spaces with the right colours.

You can use colour to transmit sensations and comfort in your home. The colour of your home can be likened to the presentation of a product, it acts as a stimulus to create a first, and ongoing, impression. Colour has the power to influence how you feel, our colour consultants are here to make sure you get exactly what you need from your home.

Let’s start creating your perfect London home today.



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We wanted to say we absolutely love the paint job in the kitchen and the lounge, it looks amazing! Derek and Dave have done an incredible job and they are super nice and so professional, it was lovely having them around doing up our home.
North London
 | Interior Colour Consultancy Service

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