Professional Wallpaper Services

Painter and decorator hanging feature wallpaperIf you’re looking for a professional decorator who offers trustworthy wallpaper services that won’t break the bank, Paint My Home by Bell has got you – and your walls – covered.

Our family-owned and operated painting and decorating service will directly employ an experienced team of decorators who are local to you, ensuring that the job will be completed in a professional, cost-effective manner, and to the highest standards.

What wallpaper services do we offer?

At Paint My Home by Bell, we believe in taking painter and decorator services to the next level, and there are various ways in which we make that belief a reality.

For starters, our professional decorators will be on hand to offer helpful advice and friendly suggestions when needed. They work with a broad spectrum of brands, and they work with lots of different types of wallpaper, so they really do know their stuff.

One of the worries that some folks have when Google-searching for decorators near me is that they will find a company that looks promising, only to discover that it offers limited services. You need have no such worries with us. In addition to sound advice on various home painting and decorating projects, we offer preparation, lining and wall-covering among our services.

What does wallpaper preparation involve?

To ensure a flawless finish, our team of experienced local decorators will prepare the walls that are to be wallpapered. They’ll start by stripping away old wallpaper, if required, and will then make sure the walls are free of anything that could affect the finish. They’ll also fill in any holes to make sure the surface is level and smooth.

What is the lining wallpaper service?

After prepping the wall, our professional decorators will hang lining paper vertically or horizontally, which further evens the surface. In fact, you won’t find a better surface for the proper hanging of good quality wallpaper: our professionals know exactly how to hang lining paper vertically.

Lining paper is made with stronger fibres than are used in regular wallpaper, and it is available in various grades of thickness. Lining paper also covers cracks, and it can strengthen some walls. When the lining stage is complete, our painter and decorator team will begin hanging your preferred wallpaper.

What does the wallcovering service include?

With the walls prepped, our team of expert local decorators will begin the wallcovering service. They’ll measure and cut the wallpaper as required, mix and apply the paste as it ought to be done, and use the proper tools and techniques to hang the paper in a way that results in a perfect finish.

How much do wallpaper services cost?

The question: ‘How much do decorators charge to hang wallpaper?’ is akin to asking: ‘How long is a piece of string?’ Whilst every project may be different, Paint My Home by Bell will never overcharge you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of professional decorators and enquire about a quote for your project. Fill out our contact form, send an email to, or call us on:

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