Most of us only consider the outside air when we think about the problem of air pollution. But the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)* in the USA estimates that indoor air pollution may be five times worse than the pollution level outside.

Indoor air pollution can cause symptoms ranging from low-level nasal congestion and sneezing, to headaches, tiredness, dizziness, and full-blown asthma.

Allergens, tobacco smoke or chemical exposure can trigger these symptoms or make existing symptoms worse. New carpets, fresh paints, cleaning materials, mattress and furniture off-gassing, dust, moulds and pollen are all factors too.

Particles or gases are being released into the air throughout your home from many different sources. But the room in which your children spend the most number of hours — and where they sleep — is probably the most important.

Top 5 indoor pollutants found in your child’s bedroom

  1. Mould
  2. Dust
  3. Toxins from cleaning products
  4. Off-gas from new composite/pressed wood furniture and fire-proof mattresses
  5. Toxins from new paint

How can Airlite help?

  1. Mould-resistant — Airlite reduces mould on any surface, preventing it from reforming
  2. Bacteria resistant — Airlite reduces bacteria by the double action of surface oxidation and high alkalinity, which, combined, prevent the bacteria from surviving.
  3. Repels dust and airborne dirt — Airlite creates an invisible protective film that prevents dirt and dust in the air from settling on the surfaces. The surfaces stay as pristine as the day they were painted.
  4. Reduces air pollution — Airlite reduces pollutants such as nitrogen oxide as it purifies the air. Activated by light, Airlite reduces air pollutants by transforming them into harmless mineral salts.
  5. Reduces odours — Thanks to the oxidising action of Airlite, odour molecules are naturally broken down, reducing all harmful compounds and delivering fresher and more pleasant air to the environment. Airlite reduces not only the odours, but also their causes.

Top tips for keeping your child’s bedroom air clean

  1. Open windows every day — ventilation is key
  2. Dry down window-sills and leave damp clothes and towels outside so as to prevent the humidity that mould needs to thrive
  3. Vacuum twice a week (more if you have pets) to remove excess dust
  4. Switch to non-toxic cleaning products
  5. Wash bed-sheets regularly…and those favourite cuddly toys too!
  6. Airlite your child’s bedroom, turning their walls into a natural air-purifier.

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*USA’s Environmental Protection Agency. See for the full report.

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Paint my Home by Bell has been a supporter of Airlite since their new technology arrived in the UK. This is not just paint. Their unique technology brings many benefits to your living wellness including being antipollution, antibacterial, antimould, self cleaning, antiodour & energy saving. We are excited to be working with Airlite to help bring their painting service to homes across the country.

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